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The annual Molly Jean Featheringill scholarship
Given by Friends of the Descanso Library

One of our goals is to to help some of our graduating seniors with their higher education.  Sometimes it only takes a little help to get someone started on the road to success.  We believe the scholarship is a very worthwhile cause and are pleased to continue this project yearly. We give at least one annual scholarship of $1,000. Since we started this program in 2009, we have given scholarships to 11 deserving high school seniors.

 2013 is the first year that the scholarship was named after one of our founding members of The Friends of the Descanso Library. She was instrumental in getting the new library built as well as the 3 additions. She was always on the board as as officer or chairperson and retired in 2013.



2018 Scholarship Recipient:

this year, we are proud to present our Molly Jean Feathergill $1000 scholarship to Grace Laskey. A deserving local senior.


Grace Laskey

Grace Laskey will be attending Humboldt State University and wants to
obtain a bachelor's degree in Zoology and to live her dream as a herpetologist. Grace has a 4.26 GPA.


To view photos of scholarship recipients for previous years, see the previous recipient page.



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We accept donations to the Scholarship Fund.  Please check the donation page on our website or send the scholarship donation form with your check. Thank you for supporting this important Friends activity.


Selection is an annual event held in April and May.  You will find Information about how to apply at the Library in March.

To be eligible the graduating senior must:

* live in the 91916 zip code

* write a 500 word essay

* maintain a 3.0 grade point average

* plan on attending a community college or university

* submit 2 letters of recommend- ation.


A panel of 5 judges decides on the winner.  Essays are reproduced without names and scored by the judges. An oral interview follows, where the panel asks questions of the applicant.