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2019 Scholarship Recipients:

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This year, we are proud to present our Molly Jean Feathergill $1000 scholarships to Farlin Anderson and Delanie Craighead:

Farlin Anderson will be attending UCSD as a political science major with an international relations emphasis. She also wants to double major in accounting & economics. She has a immense interest in the workings of government and feels accounting will be a useful skill to have. Farlin would also like go on to law school but first have a internship in a congressional representative or senator's office. She is very resilient and self-disciplined and excited for her college experience!!

Delanie Craighead will be attending UC Davis and plans to get a bachelor's degree in animal science and biology. Then she wants to earn her doctorate in veterinary medicine and go on to veterinary school. She has been interested in being a veterinarian since she was little. She fell in love with the idea of being to help animals and being able to study science and animal life. Her career will mean the world to her and will allow her to help make the world a better place to both animals and their owners!

Delanie's scholarship was provided from the Bowman family fund.

The following two studens were each awarded the Shirley Somes Continuation Scholarship for 2019.

Daniel Clauser wants to advance his education onto San Diego State. His ambition is to be a California State Peace Officer (Ranger). He is working in the parks now and attending Cuyamaca College. He loves working in the parks and providing safety and security to the public while they are visiting. He like to advance his education to provide him with interpretive information to provide to the public. He wants to teach people of their natural surroundings and about their own back yards!!!

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Makiah Salzano is attending Fort Lewis College and pursuing a double major in Piano Performance and Business Administration. She wants to go on to graduate school for piano and music education. She wants to buy her own grand piano in the future and would love to become a piano teacher. Her dream is to return to Descanso and play for local events, teach and relax here in Descanso, the place of rest!!